Enrichment Programs Showcases Talent

By Amanda Moses

Spring Creek Towers (SCT) has an assortment of youth-oriented activities that are available to the community. These activities offer cultural enrichment as well as recreational fun for children of all ages.

June 12th, members of the community were able to witness many of these enrichment programs in action during the Spring Creek After School Program’s year end concert in P.S. 346’s auditorium.

Each program pulled out all the stops, beginning with high flying jumps, kicks and barrel rolls demonstrated by the all-star Starrett Judo club. The Starrett Judo Club is led by Coach Parnell Legros, who is a former Olympian. Students ranged from five years old to adults, and many of them appeared to be masters of self-defense and discipline. The audience was amazed by the strength and skill that was conducted by the students.

The Spring Creek After School program concluded with students, from kindergarten to fifth grade, who showed off the dance routines they learned from SWEAT Party’s exercises. The children then folded their arms, kicked their feet from side to side while a DJ played the song “Team Lilman Anthem.” They also participate in activities that work towards developing their social, educational and physical skills.


Here are some of Spring Creek’s After School Activities that are available:

SWEAT Party – This program helps students break a sweat using healthy cardio exercises infused with cool dance moves, and that’s not all they learn. Unlike traditional Physical Ed classes, this program provides students with a Live DJ that makes fitness training fun through dance.

Apollo – Directly involves learning from members of our very own Apollo Theater including African pieces like “Journey through Rhythm” and “Historical Social.”

Dance – Children have the opportunity to explore various genres of dance culture, and it is open to various styles of dance. Each lesson helps to build a strong level of confidence and self-esteem.

Yoga – Children learn the basics of yoga stretches and breathing.

The Urban Garden Classroom – Helps to demonstrate to students of all ages the importance of garden life—how plants grow, the science of photosynthesis and the nutritious benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Judo – Children learn the importance of self-defense and becoming physically fit.

Youth Symphony – Participating in this activity, children learn the basics of playing instruments; also reading music and they are given the opportunity to involve the community to enjoy their performances.