Enter the Future of Gaming

By Dean Moses

Game: Watch Dogs: Legion

Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows

Rating: M for Mature

Cost: $59.99 ($69.99 for PS5 and Xbox Series X)

By the time you are reading the next issue of the Spring Creek Sun, a new generation of gaming consoles will be released. We are on the cusp of a new dawn of video game history, but the sun has not risen yet. Watch Dogs Legion has released for the Xbox One and PS4, both providing free upgrades to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 for owners of the current gen release. Let’s take a deeper look into this twilight release.

A Legion of Protagonists

Set in a version of London that will remind any George Orwell fan of the classic novel 1984, Watch Dogs Legion shows us a similar UK hub that has been transformed into a dystopia ripe with corruption from big business, gangs, and a private police force that’s watching your every move from security cameras and hovering, omnipresent drones. It is up to Deadsec, a hacker group to take down all the aforementioned parties. The draw here is that as the player we do not control one lone protagonist, instead a whole host of them.

Legion allows us to play as literally anyone in the game. This works by passing an individual on the street, scanning their credentials to see if you like their criteria, speak with them to inquire about their conditions to join Deadsec, and then complete their mission, which will then allow you to control them. This detail makes no two game experiences the same.

Anarchy in the UK

There is plenty to do in this futuristic version of London, from kicking back and playing darts to using a spider robot to climb the intricate cog work of Big Ben. The beauty is the ability to do it as an elderly museum administrator, who can only move at a snail’s pace or James Bond-esque spy compete with a personal vehicle that can shoot rockets.  Each character has different sets of skills, perks, and vices. While you can have a spy who has a variety of weapons as his leisure, he can also have a gambling problem causing you to lose or gain money randomly. If you throw in the way in which developer Ubisoft has afforded us the capacity to hack vehicles, cellphones, drones, security cameras, and more. Despite all the fun to be had here and the wow-factor of hundreds of playable characters, there are still some setbacks.

Playing as a new recruit can feel repetitive rather quickly and can dampen the experience since you have to slog through similar missions time after time. This is exacerbated by the game constantly crashing. We reviewed this title on the Xbox One S and have experienced over 30 crashes. An update was recently rolled out; however, this issue is still yet to be fixed.

City of Lights

With Watch Dogs Legion also releasing on the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5, it is still unclear just how good this game can look. With that being said, the current gen outings are no slouch either. While character models are not breathtaking, the city is lit up with Blade Runner style holograms sure are. This makes London both enjoyably recognizable and strangely alien.


Watch Dogs Legion is a great step forward for gaming thanks to the gigantic roster of individualized characters, which make the game a truly unique experience. Unfortunately, the game is held back by repetitive missions and awful technical issues that will hopefully be fixed with a patch in the near future.