FAQs Around Spring Creek Towers


Q: I am wondering about the progress in reopening Elmira Loop, it has been semi-closed off for almost a year. What is going on?

A: It all started with a broken NYC water pipe line that created a sink hole which required Management to prohibit entry onto Elmira Loop. To repair the NYC water pipe, multiple permits were required which took quite some time to receive from the City. Shortly after the water pipe was repaired it was noted that the ground in the same area was hot indicating, that there must be a leak in the dual temperature line into the E garage. The dual temperature pipe delivers hot water for heat in the winter and cold water in the cooling season. Crews dug deep into the ground, approximately 10’, and found leaks not only in the dual temperature pipe but also the high temperature hot water pipe which delivers domestic hot water to all apartments. The hot water pipe repair was replaced; and a two phase repair and replacement of the dual temperature pipe in the area was undertaken. Phase one was begun during the switchover period from heating to cooling in June which had to extend to early July to complete. Phase two was postponed to this September’s switchover period from cooling to heating in order to allow us to deliver cool water for air cooling during the summer months. Phase Two requires the replacement of another section of the dual temperature pipe in the same area. We anticipate that this second phase of the work will be completed by the end of September.