Field Day Extravaganza


Just before the summer break, Abe Stark Primary School (PS) 346 students enjoyed time in the sun during their annual Field Day event. Rather than taking place on the concrete playground within the school, this outdoors venture took place on one of Spring Creek Towers’ many lawns behind the Freeport Loop. Traditionally, this celebration consists of a variety of games: potato sack races, volleyball, tug of war, an egg relay, beanbag toss, and so much more. Each of these projects introduces an element of team building exercises, physical fitness, and coordination.

Classes took turns spending an hour outside running around the grass, laughing and having a wonderful time with their friends. For several years physical education instructors Bridget Smith and Keith McDermott have coordinated this event with teachers from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. This festivity holds a special place in Smith’s heart because she helped organize it for the past 10 years. “It’s really a great day for all of the students to learn about teamwork and sportsmanship through fun activities,” Smith said.

In addition to PS 346 teachers and parent volunteers, students in Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) VIII helped with the undertaking of these games. As a part of their community service hours, the scholars watched over the fun, explained the rules of each project, and even mentored the younger students on what it means to be a teammate. “No one is a loser when we all work together,” said seventh grader, Kitana Brathwaite.

Some of the student volunteers, like Samantha Solis, are returning participants in the field day extravaganza, which she admits is one of her favorite events to take part in. “Everyone gets a chance to win!”

Photos by Amanda Moses