Four Common Kitchen Cleaning Conundrums, Solved

Earth Talk Sept 11 2015(StatePoint) The kitchen is the perfect place for family time, entertaining and socializing. With all this activity, it’s bound to get a little disorganized. What’s more, the kitchen is actually listed as the “germiest” area in the home, according to a study by NSF International (the National Sanitation Foundation).

Have no fear! Simple solutions can combat common kitchen cleaning conundrums.

Refrigerator Leaks

Between fresh produce, dairy, meat and leftovers, there’s a lot going on inside a fridge. Make it a habit every few months to wash the inside of your refrigerator, even the shelves and drawers (a location where many stubborn spills tend to be forgotten).

Dirty, Smelly Sponges

Sponges are a kitchen staple, and also the germiest item in the entire kitchen, according to NSF research. And after only a few uses, they can develop a foul-smelling odor. Luckily, there’s a quick fix for getting a sponge back in proper cleaning condition. Simply wet the sponge and pop it in the microwave for two minutes to eliminate germs. Ta-da! It’s ready to use.

Grimy Cabinets and Streaky Surfaces

From greasy little hands going in for snacks to frequent opening and closing during meal-prep, grease and grime on kitchen cabinets and door handles can accumulate quickly — spreading germs and making your kitchen look dirty!

It’s a good idea to disinfect and deodorize cabinets and other non-porous surfaces in your kitchen.. Making this a practice to wipe down cabinets weekly will prevent a lot of grease and build-up in the long run.

Carve out an afternoon for cleaning remedies that will knock out the mess and pesky germs in no time.