Free to Play Fortnite

By Dean Moses

Game: Fortnite
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems
Cost: Free to Play (but you can make in-game purchases)
Rating: T for Teen

There is a game taking the world by storm, a game that can be played on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and even on your phone through IOS. A game that celebrates team-work and coordination. And, best of all, it’s free to play.

Where to land?

Fortnite can either be played in teams or solo with one simple objective: Survive. Within the Battle Royale mode—which this review will be focusing on—there is no story mode, no narrative, only the one you make for yourself by traversing barreling landscapes, dense forests, and sky-scraping mountains. The game begins with you, your team, and up to 96 other players in a floating bus held up by a balloon. This unconventional transport soars from one end of the large map to the other, allowing you to jump where and when you see fit, just be careful, other players may have the same destination in mind. Once you have taken your leap of faith, you can descend in an exhilarating free-fall before opening up your parachute and landing safely on earth. Now you must be fast.

No time to stand and chat

There is no time to stand and chat to friends, you must quickly make sure no enemies have landed nearby and then find a weapon. You see at the start of each match you are only armed with a pickax used to gather materials like wood from trees and huts, brick from sturdier structures, and metal from bridges and cars. These resources can then be re-purposed to create a construction of your own choosing, like the name of the game, forts. Still, without a gun to defend yourself and your allies no amount of building materials will do you any good. Weapons come in different color schemes, grey being the most common and least powerful, while gold is the rarest and deals the most damage. Armaments range from handguns and SMGs to shotguns, sniper rifles, machine-guns, and explosives like grenades and rocket launchers. If you come across a gold rocket launcher, consider yourself very lucky indeed.

Fortnite is relatively easy to control. Constructing walls, stairs, and roofs is intuitive, as well as combat. Once you have an adversary in sight just hold down the trigger and you should come out on top, providing that they don’t sneak up on you. It has been my experience that whoever finds the other first usually—but not always—wins the day.

Run and then keep running

The game world slowly but surely shrinks due to a storm encompassing the area. Step into its confines and you will begin to lose health, rapidly. What starts as a gigantic map in which you can set up camp and pick off passersby, will soon diminish until it becomes a blimp. As previously mentioned, the map boasts forests and mountains, along with rivers, cities, depots, and even a prison. The map could reduce to a pin prick on any of these points, a place where you will be forced to make your final stand. Once you die the match is over, you have one and only one life.


Seeing as Fortnite can be both played on PS4 and Xbox One with friends using an iPhone, the graphics are nothing mind blowing. However, the fun of working with friends who don’t even own the same console as you is incredible. Never before have I enjoyed a free to play game so much.

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