From the Bookshelf/ Amazing Literature for the Cost of Paper: Volume 4

cost of paperBy Amanda Moses

Editor William M. Brandon III collected 19 incredible short stories for 1888’s The Cost of Paper: Volume Four. Brandon describes this anthology as an artistic venture among writers who write for the sake of writing. These true artists live and breathe their work—it’s not about the money earned but the lives impacted by their art form. For these writers, it’s about enrapturing their readers with prose. The concept behind The Cost of Paper is that it’s an annual celebration of short stories sold for the cost of printing it.

The Cost of Paper: Volume Four encompasses stories that touch base on a variety of subjects. In Eleven by Jenny Fan Raj, the author pens a tale about a little girl learning about gender changes, while in Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre’s Horror Show we see through a young boy’s eyes as he tries to recall his abusive father’s punishment on Shiloh, a curly-haired girl with Down syndrome. This anthology is unlike any other because each story has its own persona that engages the reader on a whole new level.

Among the 19 authors published, The Cost of Paper: Volume Four also features Not in Service by Dean Moses, Spring Creek Sun’s entertainment contributor. Moses’ short horror story focuses on an MTA worker’s macabre secrets as he works the night away on New York City’s 7-line.

Independent publisher, 1888 supports dedicated and talented artists across the globe and in doing so helps cultivate literary works that don’t necessarily fit in the average market. According to the publisher’s website, 1888 is “dedicated to the creative traditions of our local history, we develop educational programs, produce collaborative projects, and publish relevant literature from around the world to enrich our diverse neighborhoods and engage the national community.”

If you are interested in submitting a short story (under 2,000 words) to the next volume of 1888’s The Cost of Paper, you can do so for free via Submissions are accepted annually from September 1st through October 31st, multiple submissions are accepted.

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