From the Bookshelf / Two New Children’s Books to Keep Your Little Ones Entertained


Author, Kate B. Jerome has published two new children’s books, Lucky to Live in New York and Wise Animal Handbook. Lucky to Live in New York is more of a keepsake/interactive book for a child.

In this book, children get to fill in blanks, which will enable them to learn as well as be able to contribute their own information to personalize the book and which will make for great memories later on-later in life. For example, this book allows the child to attach a picture of themselves, with their age on one page and they can fill in (with the help of their parents) what they like to eat, what they thought that they wouldn’t like to eat but actually do, where they have visited (trips, etc.), and their favorite teams, and so much more.

Children will get to spend time with their parents, reading, learning along with filling in the blanks to this book. Lucky to Live in New York gets two thumbs up from me.

In The Wise Animal Handbook, this book displays a variety of different animals and cute sayings, which allows the youngster to have some conversations with their parents or caregivers about the animals. At the end of this book, children can color in the animals which also have a tad bit of information listed on the page. This colorful book allows children to learn about a variety of animals from dogs and cats to frogs and swans and beavers. This book also gets two thumbs up from me.

Photo by Pam Stern