From the Principal’s Desk

Starrett Early Learning Center

Dear SELC Families,

We hope you are doing well during this time.  We understand that our school closure has impacted all of our lives on many different levels.  It is our goal to help you and your child maintain a daily regimen inclusive of fun and developmental learning opportunities. 

SELC will engage in remote learning.  All staff are working from home.  We have prepared a suggested schedule of activities for your child.  We will use Class DoJo as our main communication platform with students and families.  During this time it will be very important to remain in communication as we will send important information and messages while the program is closed.

Each day, classroom teachers will send a message at 9am via Class Dojo.  We will offer suggested activities. We understand everyone’s day to day routine will not allow for all to follow what we have established.  Please know that this is a suggestion and you are free to complete the activities with your child when you are able. 

The teaching staff will be accessible via DoJo and ZOOM from 8:30am-3:15pm daily.  You are free to send messages via DoJo and or ZOOM.  Class teachers will share more about ZOOM in the coming days. You will also be able to conduct your Parent Teacher Conference via the ZOOM platform.

Via DoJo, you are encouraged to upload and share messages, videos or pictures in response to the daily activities.  You are also encouraged to share any special learning or experience with us as well.

Attached is a sample schedule of SELC’s remote learning beginning Monday, March 23rd– April 8th.  Spring Break is still scheduled for April 9th-April 17th.  As per the Department of Education, we anticipate to resume programming on April 20th.  It is important for you to closely follow the guidelines set forth by Department of Education.  You can get updated information via their website. 

I will make attempts to also communicate via the email we have on file for you.  If your email has changed or you have not submitted one, please send it via DoJo.

Be safe! Wash hands frequently! Maintain social distancing! Cover sneezes and coughs! Practice all precautions as set forth by the Center for Disease Control! 

If you need to reach me directly, my email address is

If you would like a ZOOM meeting with me, just notify your class teacher.

All the best!  Remain safe and healthy.  

Ms. Tammy Moore, Executive Director of SELC

Abe Stark Primary School (PS) 346

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to personally thank all the Spring Creek Towers’ families for their kind support and energetic efforts during this virus crisis. With your support we have been able to successfully reach 99% of our families through Remote Teaching and Learning. We completely understand the challenges we are all facing, but the enthusiasm that our children from our 3K program through our 5th grade has been nothing less than extraordinary.

From as early as 7am each morning to as late as 11pm, students have been completing exercises, reaching out to teachers and other staff and logging on to Google Classroom engaging in Math, Literacy, Science, Social Studies and other art and physical education activities.

On behalf of the entire staff we want to say we miss our kids and look forward to returning to the community we love, which is Spring Creek Towers.

Be safe…stay healthy,

Mr. Kevin Caifa, Principal

Gateway Intermediate School 364

To Our Gateway families,

We at Gateway Intermediate School 364 are incredibly proud of each one of our FALCONS. During this time of uncertainty in our world, one thing that is certain is the resilience and tenacity that our families, faculty and staff have shown. 

During this time students may feel isolated by not being able to engage with their peers and loving teachers. This new reality isn’t easy, but our school has organized ways that students and families can continue to stay connected with their school extended family. Through the use of Google Classroom students can engage daily on a live chat board where they can ask questions about assignments and connect with their classmates.  Each student has an Advisory class where their teachers posts inspirational videos and Mindfulness Mediation. Some teachers are also facilitating live classroom meetings where students can interact with their classmates in a safe and engaging way.

Students and parents have access to the materials for what they need in hard copies and they also have access to those materials via our website:

As this current situation remains very fluid, we are confident that the measures that our school community has put into place will ensure that all students and parents receive the resources necessary to prepare them for their future.


Nicole Fraser-Edmund, Principal

Frederick Douglass Academy VIII

Dear FDA VIII Families,

I hope my message finds you all in good health during this time. I would like to say that our thoughts are with those that have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. We miss each one of you. This situation makes you appreciate some of the things we have taken for granted. I definitely miss the sounds of my scholars’ voices throughout the school.

We are now full speed ahead with remote learning. We have distributed all the laptops that we have at the school. You are to fill out a survey if you are in need of a device from the Department of Education. Please contact our Parent Coordinator Ms. Balfour or you can also access the survey on our website will update our webpage with distance learning information as it becomes available to us.

We are always to support during this remote learning time via email. You can email any staff member through the FDAVIII website. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.


Chantal Grandchamps, Principal

Kimara Green, Assistant Principal