Fun Fridays at the Starrett City Early Learning Center


Learning is fun at the Starrett Early Learning Center (ELC)! Throughout the summer, the program’s day camp hosts a plethora of educational activities during their end-of-the-week parties called Fun Fridays. “Every week, we come up with an original idea and each class gets a topic,” says Susan Plesnitzer, the Director of ELC.

On August 11th, the theme was “Street Games,” which included hopscotch, bean bag toss, musical hula hoops, and red light/green light. Gathered in the ELC playground, the young campers took turns learning how to play each game. Many of the activities were drawn onto the playground floor with colorful chalk by ELC’s teachers. While some children hopped along the hopscotch rectangular outlines, others froze in place while their teacher said, “Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!”

During this summer, the children also learned about water safety during their “Let’s Get Wet” Fun Friday, as well as how to use a hula hoop during Hoopologie Day, what bubbles are made of during Bubble Day, the cultural significance behind Karaoke Day, and on August 18th the summer camp’s last Fun Friday featured a scavenger hunt.

Photos by Amanda Moses and ELC