Growing Beautiful Plants Indoors

appleBy Amanda Moses

The Spring Creek Recreational Fund’s (SCRF) Urban Garden Classroom (UGC) is officially closed for the winter Garden Educator Jacqui Roytman will be teaching students and seniors about indoor gardening.  Starting in February, members of Spring Creek Senior Partners are invited to join a winter gardening workshop.  For several weeks, Roytman will teach seniors how to brighten up their homes with simple gardening methods.

“Growing plants at home can brighten seniors’ apartments as well as provide a fun and stress-free hobby,” Roytman said.  Some easy-to-grow flowers/plants are hyacinths, tulips, amaryllis and daffodils.  These plants grow well in dark, dreary weather.

Ravacadooytman will also show seniors how to grow edible plants from the various fruits and vegetables they eat.  Avocado, for example, is an easy plant to grow and it produces attractive, bright green leaves. To grow your very own avocado plant, you must first remove the pit from the avocado (make sure you rinse and dry it).  Then insert four toothpicks on each side of the pit (basically forming and ‘X’ with the pit at the center.)  Fill up a glass or jar of water, and suspend the pit over the glass using the toothpicks as a brace.  As the pit hovers over the glass it should be an inch deep into the water.  Place in a warm spot and continuously maintain the water level so that one inch of the pit is still dipped in water.  After about six weeks you will see a stem.  Once the stem starts to grow leaves then transplant it into a pot with sandy soil (make sure the roots are covered in soil, but leave the top half sticking out.)  Water it frequently and watch the plant flourish in light.

“I will also show the seniors how to dry out seeds for several months, like the seeds in an apple, to prepare them for spring planting,” Roytman said.

The indoor winter gardening workshop will take place in February.  For those interested contact Spring Creek Senior Partners at 718-348-7620.

Photos courtesy of Justgrimes and Michael Stern via Flickr