Hit the Road for Spring and Save Smart

Hit the Road Money Matters(StatePoint) After months of cold weather, it’s finally time for blooming flowers, chirping birds and weekend getaways. Spring is here and it’s a great time for a road trip or spontaneous getaway. Here are a few tips to avoid stress and common budget breakers.

 Snag the Best Deals

 For inexpensive road trip ideas, avoid peak-season destinations. Track off-peak deals through online travel blogs and avoid expensive accommodations at five-star hotels by staying at hostels or renting affordable and, at times, luxurious options from local hosts. Spend a night camping or visit a bed and breakfast for a more cost-effective option that can offer a cozy, intimate and more local feel to your getaway.

 Map it Out

Plan your route to cut down on mileage and save on gas. Fuel reward credit cards can also offer major savings nationwide. Consider taking advantage of one with ongoing savings, like the cards from your local grocery store or from your credit cards.

 Pack Smart. Plan Ahead

 Avoid long toll lines and rest stop detours by packing snacks and other time-saving necessities including a toll tag and a universal charger to the list to ensure your electronic devices are charged and ready to take full advantage of discount apps and navigation tools.

 Before your trip, visit an automotive technician to ensure your car is road-trip ready.

 Get Creative with Ways to Save

 In today’s world, there’s a deal for everything you want to do. Pack your itinerary with topnotch dining, luxurious hotel accommodations and adventurous activities at a reduced price through popular discount sites and local deals. For example, most museums offer student discounts or reduced tickets during off-peak hours. Be sure to download a site’s mobile app before hitting the road to find last-minute deals where you’re traveling. If you want a more traditional way to save while experiencing the local surroundings, try packing a picnic by stocking up at the nearest deli.

  Have Fun!

 With a road trip that’s both fun and cost-conscious, you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Plan ahead so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

 Photo Soure: (c) DragonImages – Fotolia.com