Hours of Fun with PlayStation Now!


With so many games flooding the market each year, it can be a game in and of itself attempting to pick one to purchase. Many households can only afford one or two $60 titles, so selecting winners can be a big entertainment decision. But what if you did not have to choose? What if you already had hundreds of video games at your fingertips? Now that’s an option thanks to PlayStation Now. Since it was a fledgling back in 2015, the cloud based service has grown exceedingly, making it akin to a gaming version of services, like Netflix and Hulu. Users can scroll through dense lists of titles separated into categories like action, puzzle, and family friendly. Despite PlayStation Now’s fabulous benefits, it also comes with some downfalls. A subscription will cost users $20 each month, and the games themselves are currently only PS3 titles, with some PS4 names possibly planned for the future. With PlayStation Now’s two-year anniversary on the horizon, the Spring Creek Sun has made a short list of the best games the service offers:

Best Puzzle: Catherine
Rated: M for Mature


Catherine could well be the most mature game I have ever experienced, not in terms of blood or gore, but due to its themes of choice. We play as Vincent, a man with seemingly little ambition, including the reluctance to marry his longtime girlfriend, Kathrine. He spends long monotonous evenings drinking at a bar with three friends, leading a rather insignificant life. That all changes, however, when Vincent consumes a little too much alcohol and wakes up beside a different lady: Catherine. This act of cheating sparks nightmares in which Vincent must scale towers upon towers of blocks, pulling and pushing his way to escaping the bad dreams, only for the visions to worsen the proceeding night. Throughout the game, Vincent must pick a partner, either Kathrine or Catherine, all while absconding from his nightmares.

Best family friendly: Sly Collection
Rated: E for Everyone

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper is a master thief, who also just so happens to be a raccoon. This lovable anthropomorphic fellow is accompanied on his adventures by Murray, the hippopotamus, and Bentley, the turtle. The trio were made famous on the PlayStation 2 in three classic outings, all of which are remastered and available to play on PlayStation Now in the form of the Sly Collection. These colorful and funny escapades take Sly and his friends across the world to lovingly detailed and exaggeratedly animated locations, such as vibrant jungles and dimly lit city streets. Sneaking by enemies, shimmying up drainpipes, and jumping from rooftops is a joy for all ages.

Best RPG: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Rated: T for Teen


Ni No Kuni perfectly brings back that magical childhood feeling, like waiting for Santa Claus to arrive on Christmas Eve. Whether you are battling monsters on barreling hills or talking to the anthropomorphic locals, the adventure draws you in almost instantly. While the narrative is a somewhat average fantasy affair—a young boy journeying into another world in hopes of saving his mother—developer Level- 5 sprinkles a layer of magic over the whole thing via beautiful cellshaded visuals, a calming soundtrack, professional voice acting, and breathtaking anime cut-scenes, which, when blended with the narrative, creates a truly unrivaled trip into a marvelous imaginary realm.

Best action: Red Dead Redemption
Rated: M For Mature

red dead redemption

Nothing aside from a real-life West World could bring you closer to feeling like a dangerous cowboy in America’s Wild West than Red Dead Redemption. The player takes the role of John Marston, a former outlaw charged with rounding up his prior gang members, but this is just the main plot device designed to transport gamers to a fictitious United States county, in which to explore, hunt, complete missions, and turn the local area into your very own playground. From horseback racing and collecting bounties on wanted criminals to shootouts in dusty towns and gambling at the local saloon, there is never a dull moment in Red Dead Redemption, and with the sequel upcoming there has never been a better time to play the original.

Despite hosting older games, PlayStation Now can give the whole family something to enjoy