I.S. 364 Falcons Soar Into High School

By: Malick Mercier

Teachers and families of students at Gateway Intermediate School 364 gathered around the teens on their graduation day to commemorate their three years of hard work in junior high school. They cele-brated the occasion, congratulated the graduates, and highlighted outstanding stu-dents who made their mark over the years at the Canarsie Education Complex on June 20th .

Students stepped into the ceremony that would cap off their three-year sprint with Go Get It by Mary Mary and out to summer and their next chapter: high school, with Jill Scott’s Golden.

Graduate Arianna Rios, who will be attending the High School for Medical Professionals on the Canarsie campus, said it was awesome to graduate in the building of the school she would attend in the fall. The complex houses four different high schools. Rosita Dlgado, Arianna’s mom described watching her close out one chapter and move on to the next as an emotional experience, “I can’t wait for college!  High school, college!”

It’s not lost on the students how much work they put in over the three years.   The class’ valedictorian, Adia Adams is looking forward to attending Brooklyn Technical High School, one of nine specialized high schools in New York City as a result of her time spent working hard.  “I’m looking forward to being able to meet new people that are interested in the same things as I am, so I can continue to push myself so I can be the greatest student I can be,” said Adams.

After revamping the curriculum and school structure to provide new opportunities, Principal Fraser-Edmund, knows her eighth graders had to put in immense effort in order to be able to attend and take part in initiatives that the school introduced this school year. “We had a Golden Falcon award this year.  We had a National Junior Honors Society. This class of kids really worked really, really hard. They got to go to Harvard. They had all of these different opportunities because they kept up their grades,” said Edmund.
Her hope is that the students continue to show I.S. 364 Falcon spirit and that they never, ever give up no matter what obstacles come their way.

“To be completely honest, I just want to get through high school, but at the same time I want my high school experience to at least be decent.

I want to have a High School Musical-type experience for high school but at the same time have it still be in the realms of possibility.” exclaimed graduate Dallas Soanes.

For these soon-to-be high school students, graduation was bittersweet. “I finally get to get out of middle school, but no honestly I am kind of sad that I do leave,” admitted Dallas.

Photos By: Malick Mercier