In Memory of Earl Williams


There are some people in this world who possess remarkable characteristics, a certain je ne sais quoi that legends are made of. Those that have the capability to look at the world, see its true potential, and strive to make it happen. They are the movers, shakers and trail blazers. One man that perfectly fits this description is Earl L. Williams.

Williams was a man with an unwavering love for mankind and his community, Spring Creek Towers. He was an innovator who helped to develop programs such as the Judo club, the SITEC Computer Lab, Toys for Tots Drive and much more. In honor of his endless devotion to the SCT community; residents, program officials, and friends shared their fondest memories about Williams.

Ruth Horowitz, President of JASA Starrett Senior Center and longtime friend of Williams: “One priceless memory that I have of Earl is seeing the pride and joy on his face when his daughter was enrobed as a judge. Earl was loving, generous, and kind to all. It truly was a privilege and honor for me to know Earl since the 1970s.”

Rebecca Caraballo, President of the Spring Creek Tenants Association (SCTA): “What can you say about a human being who wanted to better his surroundings and others? He was always advocating and getting people involved. He was a mover and a shaker in his hay day. He always tried to help and motivate the young and old. There was nothing that couldn’t be solved. He will be missed, and never forgotten.”

Judith Perez, retired Spring Creek Sun Advertising Manager: “I knew and worked with Earl Williams for almost 30 years in the Community Relations Department. He was an involved, dedicated, knowledgeable, fun-loving, all-around good guy who was always concerned about what was best for his neighborhood and his neighbors. And what a wonderful husband, father and grandfather! I remember his granddaughter Marissa taking her first steps in the Spring Creek Sun office one day while she was visiting with Earl in the building. We loved talking Yankees and anti-Red Sox baseball all the time. I will continue rooting for the Bronx Bombers in your stead, Earl.”

Terri Valetin, former Lions Club member and Director of Member Services at the Brooklyn Sports Club: “Earl and I did a program together at PS 346 called “Spoofs of Goofs,” which was a fun show where everyone sang and danced. Our nickname for Earl was “The Duke of Earl,” so just for fun he dressed up like that. I will always remember him singing, “What a wonderful world,” for me. It was beautiful, and that will always mean something to me because it represented the diversity of the Lions Club.”

Florence Hall, longtime friend and member of the Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club member:  “I first met Earl at the Lions club, and he just took me under his wing.  He was like a father figure to me.  He believed in me, he said to me after I became a member of the Lions, ‘Flo, I’m going to make you president of the Lions Club one day.  You are going to be one of the best presidents the Lions Club will ever have.’  Sure enough, in 1999, I became president.  I will never forget him or his wife.  Earl was always there for me. He was one in a million. Earl’s passion was for the community, and he poured all his heart into everything he did.  The community truly was his heart. He always taught me that you learn more when you listen to people. When you talk people learn from you, so try to listen more.”

Gloria Askew, friend a Lions Club member: Earl was my mentor; he would always encourage and push me.  He told me that he believed I would achieve the title of District Governor for the Lions Club.  And with his support, I became the first woman of color to obtain that position. He was instrumental in my development of leadership skills.  He had so much knowledge.”

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