In Memory of Jenny Valentin

Jenny ValentinIn loving memory of our Mother—our Queen.

On June 2nd Jenny Valentin’s powerful and loving heart took its last beat in the comfort of her home in Spring Creek Towers. For 27 years, she courageously fought a brain tumor.

Jenny who was born on February 19, 1953 is survived by her husband, children, sister, brother, cousins, nieces and many other family members. Jenny was a lover of taking action; she loved being around people and helping them with any advice she could offer. She was a friend to everyone. Most of all she loved Starrett City (Spring Creek Towers) and everyone in the community, so much that every time I (her eldest daughter) tried my hardest to convince her to live with me in Miami Beach, she would always respond “No, I love my New York, my Brooklyn and my Starrett City.”

She was a caring and giving woman. She served in many churches. She opened up the doors of her home and turned her living room into a bedroom for many people. She was a resident of Spring Creek Towers for over 30 years. She supported her community in every way that she could, and was a part of the Pennsylvania Avenue Landfill community group dedication to the oak tree. In 2002 she was one of the many people who could be seen happily supporting the Citibank reopening in Spring Creek Towers.

Jenny was always on the go, taking public transportation, walking to the supermarket and exercising. She always had a great spirit and never complained about life. She was a problem solver, a boxer without ever entering the ring, a winner of the hearts of many. Jenny was a friend, sister, wife, mother, aunt, cousin, and grandmother. She was a woman of her words, a woman of class, elegance and a servant of God.

Dear Jenny, “Mother,” your sunshine will always be remembered with great joy and your smile will never be forgotten. In the flesh we said goodbye, but by now you have risen to be with the lord in heaven.

Thank you to all the residents of Spring Creek Towers from the Valentin family for the amazing memories my mother took with her and shared with all of us.