Inquiring Photographer: Residents’ Opinion on the Numerous White House Breaches

Inquiring Photographer: In recent weeks and months, there have been breaches in the White House’s security.  How dangerous a situation do you think it is? Why?


Maria Figueroa, 37, and her three-year-old son, Joel “It’s absolutely dangerous and scary for someone to be able to get so close to the President.  If the President’s own personal security is breached, where does that leave the average person? How are we being protected?”


Rainford Johnson, 61, a restaurant cook “My main question is … how were these individuals able to get passed security? If it’s the White House or the Brooklyn Bridge, no unauthorized person should be trespassing.  That just should not be. Our own President is not even being protected.”


Valerie Bozeman, 40, an avid traveler “Barack Obama is our first Black president and he has the worst security in history! These breaches never happened to our previous President.  From someone with a criminal record in the elevator with the President to a guy running on the lawn with a weapon, it’s not right.  I don’t think that Secret Service values the President’s life.  I am glad the head of the Secret Service [resigned].”


Marvin Vilme, 24, a student at York College, City University of New York “It is ridiculous that our President can’t be protected on government property.  No one should even be able to get through the front door without being screened.”