Inquiring Photographer: Smartphone’s Camera/Video Features

Inquiring Photographer:  How do you use your smartphone camera/video features?


Melissa Andujar, 26, a secretary:  “I take so many pictures of my six-year-old daughter.  I have about 3,000 photos and videos.  I use it all the time to capture every moment and then I upload it to Instagram and Facebook.  It’s a way to share special moments of my daughter with friends and family.”



Aubri Smithe, 28, case manager:  “I use my phone for everything, to the point that I run out of memory. It’s like I am a photographer and I want to record things I think are beautiful. I like to use my camera to take pictures of my food for Instagram, share pictures on Facebook, and make video calls on Skype and Tango.  I don’t need a digital camera because my [smart]phone does everything.”



Deborah Jackson, 44, teacher:  “I like taking selfie with my students and photographing different projects and events we do.  Sometimes, if I am eating something that looks absolutely delicious, I take a picture of it and share it on Facebook.  I own a small digital camera, but I rarely use it because my phone is always with me and easier to use.   I recently used my camera to take pictures of a breast cancer walk we did. We all wore pink with ribbons and it was beautiful.  I am glad I had my [smart]phone to capture that.”


Brian Gerringer, 23, security supervisor:  “I use my camera to take pictures when I am out with friends, parties and concerts.  I used it when I saw Jay Z in concert for his Magna Carta tour, and when my favorite song wasn’t playing I was recording and taking pictures of the show.   I upload my pictures onto Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.  I also text pictures to my friends.”