Inquiring Photographers asks: What are your summer plans

Kimara Greeb








Kimara Green, a staff member at Frederick Douglass Academy VIII: “I plan on taking several vacations this summer. We will be going to Virginia Beach with my children for some fun and relaxation. I’m also panning another trip sometime in August, but I’m not sure where yet. I also have a separate vacation planned for just my husband and I, while our children stay with family.”


















Dawn Brown

Dawn Brown, a teacher at PS 346: “I will be taking off the whole month of July. For my summer plans I want to go to Atlantic City, the beach, the pool and sleep in late. I want to spend my days off relaxing with family. I will also be participating in a senior retreat with my mother, Pearl Brown who is 97 years old. In August I will be working at PS 346 in the Summer Meals program, which provides free meals for anyone 18 and under. They don’t need to bring money just come on in an enjoy breakfast, lunch and snacks.”



Tineya Gelin

Tineya Gelin, a teacher: “I will be traveling the whole month of July in Europe with my fiancé. We will be going to Germany, Italy, Montego Bay and Serbia. Every year my fiancé and I pick different countries to visit, the only country we always make sure to continuously see is Serbia because my fiancé is Serbian and he has family there.”



Smith Family


Cynthia, Cindy and Nyla Smith, longtime Spring Creek Towers’ residents: “I’m going to be taking summer college classes, but during my days off I will go to barbecues with my family. I’m not a fan of beaches or pools because of germs, so to stay cool I drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruit and veggies. I also stay in air conditioned environments,” said Cindy Smith.

“We all go to the movies, play basketball in Spring Creek Towers, and throw a frizbee on the grass outside my apartment building. We recently visited the Transit Museum, and that’s another thing we do during the summer—we visit a lot of museums,” said Cynthia Smith