Interview with Deadpool’s Colossus

1f195ded-9712-45dd-927b-307cc14520f3By Dean Moses

Deadpool, the first movie based on the smart talking, sword welding, gun-toting anti-hero, hit cinema screens on February 8th. Here we are, mere weeks later, and it has already broken box office records and has fans and critics alike singing its praise. If you are unfamiliar with Deadpool, it follows Wade Wilson, a disfigured mercenary who knows he is a work of fiction, meaning he makes plenty of wisecracks referring to his knowledge of this. Wilson is not the only beloved comic book hero in the movie; other recognizable faces also appear alongside him, including X-Men favorite, Colossus. This 6’7” metal-bodied figure bulldozes his way through the film with super strength.

The Spring Creek Sun had the pleasure of interviewing actor Stefan Kapicic (Colossus) about his role in the movie.

StefanSpring Creek Sun: How do you feel about the fan praise and excitement around the film, Deadpool?

Stefan Kapicic: I cannot believe I am a part of this film; it is a childhood dream of mine because, as a child, I loved comic books. So growing up and being able to play a superhero that has super strength is great. It’s like I won an academy award for my inner child.

SCS: As a comic book lover, what was your favorite comic book?

SK: My favorite comic book is X-Men as a team.

SCS: What was your favorite character?

 SK: As a child I really liked Wolverine. I also like Colossus because I think he is a real superhero. He is like Marvel Universe’s version of Superman, super strong and a man of steel.

SCS: Do you think you have any common qualities to your character, Colossus?

SK: At the moment, what we have in common is that we both are of Slovak and Serbian decent. I would definitely like to find more of myself in him.

SCS: What was the Motion Capture process like, and what did you think of the final creation of Colossus using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)?

SK: I felt so blessed to be able to try CGI, it was such an amazing thing. I was able to play Colossus’ metal form. Working with CGI is a lot different than regular acting because you can’t use your body as an instrument. I could only use my voice to convey feelings. When I saw the final version of Colossus, I thought he looked fantastic.

SCS: How are you enjoying Deadpool’s fan base?

SK: They’re great! The fans really helped us to make this a fantastic movie. I would like to thank them for getting Colossus his own movie time because of how vast the world of X-Men is. In the other X-Men movies he didn’t have that much time as a character. I think that when the fans see the film they will love it because this Colossus is an authentic character.

SCS: What’s next for Colossus?

SK: I am praying for the ability to play Colossus again, but this time in his human form. Just like we get to see Bruce Banner before he becomes the Hulk.

 SCS: Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

SK: I do not know how to verbalize how thankful I am to be a part of this film. I am thankful to all of the fans for their support. Colossus photos from “Deadpool” / Photo Credit to FOX