IS 364 Congratulates Graduates with a Wave Parade

On June 12th, Gateway Intermediate School 364 (IS 364) celebrated the graduating class of 2020 with a Wave Parade throughout Spring Creek Towers (SCT). Due to the pandemic, New York City schools have been teaching their students remotely and gatherings like traditional graduations, unfortunately, cannot take place. Principal, Nicole Fraser-Edmund and her staff devised a plan to honor the eighth-grade students who will be moving up to high school—a huge steppingstone.

“Not to sound cheesy, but I am still riding the wave from the Wave Parade. It was such an honor to be part of such an uplifting event. To see the SCT community come out in support of the school was absolutely amazing,” Fraser-Edmund said.

About 23 vehicles driven by teachers lined up in front of IS 364 at the Freeport Loop for the extravaganza. Some donned their Falcon Jerseys (the school’s mascot), while others decked their cars in balloons, signs, and even tinsel.

IS 364 instructor, Ms. Joseph, adorned American flags, balloons, and even wrote on her car windows to commemorate the graduating class. “Great job Gateway Scholars! Falcons prevail. We miss you all,” were a few of the messages she wrote on her rear windows.

Led by SCT Department of Public Safety, the wave parade honked their horns and cheered throughout the many loops and side streets within the site. Residents applauded the parade from their balconies, windows, and even onlookers stopped to praise their efforts.

“As we drove through the loops we saw students both current and past with signs and words of support. The community reached out to tell us how much they appreciated the parade and it was a well needed event which raised their spirit during this time,” Fraser-Edmund said.

Photos by Eileen Level and DPS