IS 364 Shows School Spirit


On January 30th, students, faculty, and administration of IS 364 showed off their school spirit by participating in School Spirit Day. The students wore jerseys of their favorite teams to show their support, loyalty, and spirit. This was motivating for the students.

With the upcoming Super bowl on Sunday, February 3rd, there were jerseys worn of all sorts and teams from the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Cavaliers, to New York Jets, New York Giants, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, and even the New York Yankees were represented.

Everyone had a great time showing off their favorite sports team’s jerseys and what better time to do this than with the Super bowl just around the corner.

Whether you like football or not, there were jerseys from all different sports teams represented; there were basketball teams, football teams, and baseball teams. Everyone was happy to have fun and break up the regular routine in school on this School Spirit Day.

Photos courtesy of: IS 364