It’s An Easter Celebration!


On Thursday, April 13th District Leader Nikki Lucas and Congressman Hakeem Jefferies hosted a Pre-Easter Luncheon and Hat Pageant in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium. The event had an excellent turnout with over three hundred attendees, who gathered for the joyous event wearing hats of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Pride emanated from Lucas as she gazed at the crowd of seniors, families, and other members of her Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community. “I am excited that I have the relationship that I have with this community,” Lucas, a longtime SCT resident, announced to the attendees. She was also happy to have Congressman Jeffries as a keynote speaker for the event because of his continuous support of the East New York community. Lucas calls Jeffries her mentor, a man who puts the needs of his constituents first, his campaign Congressman On The Street, (where he schedules dates to stand on various street corners in his represented district to address residents questions) to his steadfast work in Washington fighting for their rights and benefits.

Community Relations/Public Affairs Director, Devorah Fong made a few welcoming remarks, wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover. While food was being distributed and additional tables were being set up to accommodate the massive crowd, BSC’s Director, Matthew Cofrancesco, thanked everyone for attending and as an added treat for attendees, gave away gym memberships and other raffle prizes to three lucky people.

The event was truly a celebratory occasion, not just for Easter and Passover, but a festivity honoring friendship and community. There was music mixed by DJ Bruce, which had many of the senior attendees’ boogieing to songs like the Electric Slide, a performance by Jimmy Hill who sang and performed the National Anthem on an electric piano, uplifting songs sung by the Penn-Wortman Choir and elegant ballet dancing by members of the Brooklyn Ballet.

The final portion of the event was the pageant, which involved three Kings County Judges, Hon. Robin Sheares, Hon. Shawndya Simpson, and Hon. Carolyn Wade. Each of these respectable judges donned their own fashionable hats, so aside from judging court cases these ladies knew how to critique hats.

The winners of the hat pageant were: Sarah Stevens in first place, Alice Wiley in second and Denise Morgan in third.

Photos by Amanda Moses