It’s Back to School for New York City Public School Teachers and Students


The alarms went off on Wednesday, September 5th as teachers and students in the NYC Public Schools returned to their classrooms for a new and exciting school year. The first day of school puts an end to the carefree days of the summer, and shines bright to the new beginnings that the 2018-2019 school year brings, like new friendships, new teachers, and learning new lessons.

Parents are excited for their child’s first day of school, whether it is their first day of attending school, a new grade level (Pre-K, Elementary, Junior High, or High School), or even a new school. Students excitedly gathered and lined up at PS 346, FDA VIII, and IS 364 for their first day of this bright and shiny new school year.

These are exciting times for parents, students, and even teachers. Teachers are an important factor in a child’s endeavors into learning, of course they learn at home with their families, but the lessons that they learn in school can be important factors in a child’s life that influence his or her career choices and decisions that they make later on in life.

Photos by: Amanda Moses