It’s the Parranda Navidena Celebration!

Parranda CommitteeBY: PAMELA STERN

The 2nd annual Parranda Navidena fiesta took place on December 30th at the Brooklyn Sports Club. Seniors were excited to have a good time, enjoy great food, have delectable desserts and enjoy listening to fun holiday music. Denise Ruiz, Multi-Family Resident Service Coordinator, was pleased with the turnout at the event, “We had a great turnout which has ignited the desire to make this year’s Parranda Navidena 2016 “bigger and better.” I was honored to work with the committee. Their dedication and passion were surpassed only by their creativity and generosity towards their fellow neighbors. The committee did a wonderful job of decorating and standing in as Hostesses of the event.”

Seniors at Parranda EventIn addition, to the wonderful food and delightful treats, there were fun free raffles that the seniors were able to be a part of. Raffles included three baskets filled with delicious food that members had gathered and put together for this event, three makeup palettes, which were donated by DMQ (Diva Makeup Queen Cosmetics/, and a free Makeup Makeover was donated by Rocio Laura ( These fantastic raffles were enjoyed by all in attendance. Ruiz said, “I would like to give a special thank you to the Spring Creek Senior Partners and their Coordinator of Volunteers, Rema Kabani, who played a large part in executing this successful event, and also I would like to thank two individuals who generously donated gifts for the Parranda Raffle, three makeup palettes which were donated by DMQ (Diva Makeup Queen Cosmetics), and a free Makeup Makeover that was donated by Rocio Laura.”
Photos courtesy of Denise Ruiz