JASA Hosts Early Thanksgiving Meal


On November 25th, the holiday spirit was contagious during JASA Starrett Senior Center’s traditional Thanksgiving meal. Lunchtime was a grand affair as many of the seniors enjoyed a delicious turkey meal, while laughing and talking animatedly about their holiday plans.

Upon entering JASA’s cafeteria, which is located in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC), the aroma of sweet potatoes and freshly cooked turkey was thick in the air. The lunchroom’s tables were each adorned with green cloths that had fall leaves etched into the fabric, and colorful flowers inside of glass vases.

JASA hosted a lunch that included; large turkey legs, string beans, stuffing, baked sweet potatoes and cupcakes. Thankful for the delicious food and the opportunity to spend time with her friends, Belma Weeks said that she had a great time and the food was delicious. “Being in the company of friends and enjoying a delicious meal made the day special,” she said smiling as she slowly sliced pieces of the turkey meat.

Director of JASA, Anjelika Blyakher, loves hosting holiday parties for the seniors. “It was a wonderful day! We had so many seniors and the food was great,” she said.

After lunch the seniors were able to participate in a raffle. This was no ordinary raffle, the prize was a fresh turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie just in time for Thanksgiving. Blyakher said that New York State Senator, Roxanne J. Persaud, donated the prizes, six large turkeys.

New member, Anne John was impressed by the food and atmosphere, and was happy to make new friends during the lunch. The celebration is one she won’t forget because it was also her birthday, and she was the first of the lucky seniors to win a raffle prize.