JASA Opens Senior‐Only Library


Reading has insurmountable benefits for people of all ages. For senior citizens, reading is more than just a leisure pastime; it is an opportunity to distract from stressful situations, to stimulate your memory retention and increase your awareness. Memory loss and being limited in what physical activities we can participate in are common problems that we undergo as we get older; however, with reading you are exercising your brain. If we keep our mind sharp, and use reading to increase our analytical skills, we then strengthen our ability to retain information and think logically.

With these benefits in mind, the JASA Starrett Senior Center opened their own library on Monday, May 16th. “We wanted to create a reading room for seniors so they can enjoy books while they are visiting JASA,” said Anjelika Sulayananov, JASA Director.

The library was made possible with the help of the center’s “little market,” where JASA sells donated clothes, shoes, canned and dry foods. All of the profits that were earned allowed JASA to purchase two bookcases, which are now filled with over 200 donated books.

As their library grows, Sulayananov hopes that the seniors will bond with one another over the books they read. “I hope that the library encourages the seniors to create a book club where they can socialize with each other, and other people they meet,” she said.

Photo by Amanda Moses