JASA Seniors Learn to Tie-Dye


JASA Starrett Seniors Center’s members are reliving the 1960s with an old-school psychedelic style, tie-dye. The process of tie-dye, also known as “tied-and-dyed,” is a technique that involves folding a shirt or piece of fabric, tying it with rubber bands or strings, and then applying multicolored dye. Many of the older adults recall being enthralled by this bright clothing design, and so JASA decided to bring back this tradition with a monthly class.

JASA Starrett Seniors Center’s President, Ruth Horowitz, was inspired to create this program by participating in a similar activity at the Spring Creek Public Library. “While in that class, I felt like I was transported back to the 60s when tie-dye was a national craze,” Horowitz said. She presented the idea to JASA Program Director Angela Blyakher, who helped launch the fun filled class in January.

Once a month, a group of about 10 seniors bring in plain white shirts (or any other type of white garment) and discuss the various designs they would like to make with the dye. The class is free but requires that the seniors be both a member of JASA and register for the lesson.
The next tie-dye activity will take place on March 18th at 1:30 pm. If you would like to learn more information please contact JASA at 718-642-1010.

Photos by Amanda Moses