JASA Wishes its Seniors Happy Birthday

By Amanda Moses

Every few months JASA Starrett Senior Center hosts a birthday party to celebrate the wonderful lives of its members. For many years these parties have uplifted the seniors living in the community and have provided them with the opportunity to share stories about themselves, socialize with friends, and dance.

On March 27, JASA Director, Angela Blyakher coordinated a fun-filled party for those born in January, February, and March. The festivities began with music by DJ Mike Minsky. Once the DJ played music hall classics, the seniors formed dance circles while holding each other’s hands, swaying to the beat. Other participants danced without a care in the world, twirling and shimming like all-star dancers. Age certainly was not a factor at this birthday event. Everyone had a youthful glow and a well-spirited attitude.

At the end of the party, birthday celebrants were given goodie bags and all attendees were offered delicious snacks.