Jimmy-O Fight Day Remembers Community Hero

On February 18th, the Starrett City Boxing Club (SCBC) hosted their annual Jimmy-O Fight Day event. This much anticipated celebration honors Jimmy O’Pharrow, an individual who had a monumental impact on the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community. He was one man who wanted to make a change in his neighborhood, to uplift the youth and empower those around him. Even after seven years since his passing, his larger than life personality, amazing heart, humble demeanor, and compasion is still remembered.

About 40 years ago, O’Pharrow founded the Starrett City Boxing Club, and from that point on his legacy was made. He welcomed all to his club and helped foster strong fighters in the ring and intelligent respectable individuals outside of it. In light of his contributions to the boxing world and SCT, the SCBC continues to host a “Fight Day” in his memory.

The free sparring event invites boxers from across the metropolitan area, regardless of their age and gender, to have fun and practice what they love—boxing. Not only does the club keep his memory alive through this annual event, but it still maintains many of O’Pharrow’s teachings. One being that the boxing club is more than a place to train fighters. It is an extended family that builds on O’Pharrow’s beliefs of love, support, and respect.

SCBC continues to help keep children off the streets and has developed an environment filled with positive role models, in addition to producing professional boxers. It is in this spirit that his youngest son, Clevan J. Evans, a trainer/coach at the SCBC, hosts the event.  “I want to celebrate my father’s life and continue his work,” said Evans, also known as Coach CJ. He holds a similar outlook as his father, which is to, “Always be who you are, and always work hard.” To this day, Evans says that so many people still approach him and tell him how his father touched their lives.

This year’s event took place one final time at the SCBC’s former location, 1506 Hornell Loop. Currently, the SCBC has been relocated to the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC), where members have access to a ring, punching bags, and other training materials.

Jimmy ‘O Day was a continued success that was attended by boxers of all skill levels and community members who support SCBC. O’Pharrow’s legacy will always be remembered because he created a boxing club that continues to be a safe haven for all, transcending race, gender, and age.

Photos courtesy of Clevan J. Evans’ Instagram.