Judokas Advance in Belt Promotions

By: Pamela Stern

The Starrett Judo Club judoakas (students) have made great strides in their training during the pandemic. Discipline, determination and hard work all lead to level advancement and expertise.

For a Judo student to advance to the next level she/he must pass examinations testing technique as well as their understanding of Japanese. Judokas learn 60 different terms describing Judo techniques and they also learn to count in Japanese since Japanese is the language spoken during competition. Judokas are learning a sport, getting physically fit, and enhancing their ability to learn a foreign language.

Congratulations to the following Judokas on their advancement to the next level:

GREEN 2nd degree to BLUE
Adam Faraq
Kevin Bailey
Jerrail Billups
Kelsey Billups
Dominick Bonserio

ORANGE 2nd degree to GREEN
Jessiah Bailey

WHITE 2nd degree to YELLOW
Madison Lane

WHITE to WHITE 1st degree
Christopher Hearn

Photos provided by: Starrett Judo Club Parents