Judokas Head to NY State Judo Championships

By Pamela Stern

On Sunday, December 1st, the Starrett Judo Club showed off their talent at the New York State (NYS) Championship at SUNY Purchase. Each year the NYS Judo Championship takes place in a different venue within New York State, and this year it was in the picturesque Hudson Valley at SUNY Purchase in Purchase. It doesn’t matter how far away from home the Judokas (that is what they are called) were, they still strutted their stuff.

Nine of the students enrolled in the Starrett Judo Club attended the New York State (NYS) Judo Championship. Each of them paid an entry fee of $50 to compete. According to Coach Legros this is the first time that this group has attended the NYS Judo Championship. “This is a fairly new group and this is the first time that they have competed in the NYS Judo Championship. They did a great job and we have a state champ,” said Legros.

The NYS Judo Championship is open to all Judo students who have a strong Judo background and it is an open rank, where students can fight any opponent of any belt status. In the future, participating in the NYS Judo Championship will become a requirement in order to go to the Nationals. The students prepared for the NYS Judo Championship by following their regiment. Coach Legros said, “Follow your regiment and you will do well.”

There were three different mats where three different fights took place at the same time. Participants were called to the corresponding mat where their match was going to take place. Students were called to their mats, while another set of students were called to get ready for their upcoming matches. These matches took place relatively quickly.

Congratulations to all of the students who placed at the NYS Judo Championship.

Here are the results from the NYS Judo Championship:

  • Jerrail Billups, 1st Place winner (gold)
  • Dominick Bonserio, 2nd Place winner (silver)
  • Kelsey Billups, 2nd Place winner (silver)
  • Reynoldo Medina, 2nd Place winner (silver)
  • Raja Pope-Carter, 3rd Place winner (bronze)
  • Adam Faraq, 3rd Place winner (bronze)
  • Kevin Bailey, 3rd Place winner (bronze)
  • Yosuel Reyes, 3rd Place winner (bronze)
  • Jessiah Bailey, 4th Place

The Starrett Judo Club also competed in the Bronx Championship formerly known as the Nakabayashi Championship in New Rochelle on Sunday, December 8th.  “They did an outstanding job,” said Sensei Legros.

The Starrett Judo Club will be hosting a match on Sunday, December 15th at 9am in the Brooklyn Sports Club. This is free to the community, come and see how great these students are! Good Luck Judokas!

Photos by: Pamela Stern