Last Day of Garden Classes


School is now out for the summer, and the students are excited to leave their school books behind and enjoy some time in the sun. For the students at PS 346, who’ve appreciated an amazing school year learning about the Spring Creek Recreational Fund’s (SCRF) Urban Garden Classroom (UGC), the end is bittersweet.
The last day of gardening for the second and third graders left the children feeling nostalgic. Some children reminisced about their first harvest, while others talked about the seeds they’ve sown. “I love coming to the garden because I get to help the plants grow by watering them and weeding the garden beds,” said eight-year-old Robyn Lovell.

Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman, allowed the children to further explore the growing vegetation with-in the UGC. She also handed out watering cans to help keep the plants hydrated. Since the weather was very warm, Roytman used the garden hose as a handheld sprinkler to help the children cool off.

The final lesson of the garden focused on making sure the children remembered what plants need to grow (nutrient enriched soil, water, air, and sunshine). During that discussion, many of the students remembered that bugs, especially bees and butterflies, are also important in a healthy garden because they are pollinators.

“The garden is a beautiful place, and I’m going to miss it over the summer,” said seven-year-old Alyana Gomez.

A few of the children wanted to help Roytman with garden maintenance before their final class finished, so they helped weed the garden beds and amended the soil for more planting. They grabbed their garden gloves and got to work, laughing, and chatting about all the things that make the UGC a great place.

Photos by Amanda Moses