Learning is Fun at The Basketball Hall of Fame

unspecifiedBY: PAMELA STERN

Students from the Spring Creek Afterschool Program and Teen Central took a trip during their spring recess from school to go to The Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The April 11th trip required that the students, parent chaperons, Spring Creek Afterschool Program and Teen Central staff meet at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) at 6am. Twenty-four students took part in this fun trip. The trip wasn’t all fun because there were interactive lessons to learn as well. Students were excited and could not wait to get there and were well behaved on the three hour bus trip.

“The Spring Creek Afterschool Program was invited to join Teen Central members on this trip by Teen Central’s Program Director, Roger Beckford. Our program decided to join in on this trip to The Basketball Hall of Fame because we wanted to give our students the opportunity to experience the history of the sport that they love so dearly. Also, we were aiming for the students to have fun during their spring break from school, with their friends and family,” said Spring Creek Afterschool Program Director, Jeremy Williams.

The Basketball Hall of Fame is a museum which houses both exhibits and interactive learning activities. The students had many interactive activities and among them, they were able to see a movie of their favorite basketball player Michael Jordan and also shoot some hoops in the museum’s basketball gym. This was a real treat for them. Students viewed the timeline of NBA history, and even were able to play virtual basketball games featuring NBA MVP’s. While touring the museum, students were able to view exhibits on players such as Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley, and even the first woman to play for the WNBA, Sherly Swoopes. The museum’s tour guide explained that they open part of the museum for the public and for private events such as; birthday parties or wedding receptions.

Corey Lawrence said, “My favorite part of the trip was shooting hoops and playing the virtual basketball game!”

“I learned so many things, like where basketball began, and who created the NBA which is James Naismith. Also, I saw how the first basketball uniforms used to look and what they were made of and what the first basketball looked like,” said Savanna Solomon.

“Our most memorable part about the trip was seeing the students’ faces full of excitement when they were able to play in a huge gym with their friends and/or parents. We were happy to see that the children took an interest in learning about the history of basketball. This trip was beneficial, exciting, and of course fun for the children. If there is another opportunity for the Spring Creek Afterschool Program to attend a trip to The Basket Ball Hall Of Fame we definitely would go,” said Williams.

Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Afterschool Program