Learning the Basics of Web Design


Technology is a temperamental and fickle beast that changes every few days with updates and new innovations. That being said, technology is also at the forefront of almost every career, and mastering these technological skills may give you an edge over the competition. You can’t learn how to use a computer or fully comprehend all of its programs overnight, but there are free courses and tutorials you can participate in online and at local libraries.

Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) Office of Community Relations and Public Affairs sponsored free web design mini-courses through I GOT IT TOO at the SITEC lab in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). These lessons took place on July 22nd and July 31st and were open to residents over 18. The SITEC lab offers residents free access to computers. In addition, Teen Central members have designated hours to use these computers and are given homework help.

Almost each computer station in the SITEC lab was occupied by an eager resident, who were all ready to take their knowledge of coding to the next level. The course focused on building a basic, personalized website for individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as those curious about the logistics of computer programming. Websites such as these can be used as a portfolio/resume or the basic building blocks for making your own brand.
The lesson was spearheaded by I GOT IT TOO’s instructor, Kenyatta Solomon, who began the class by giving a brief overview of computer coding. He introduced the intrepid learners to a program called Sublime, which is a text editor, and the HTML Structure Template. “When you use the file extension .html, this indicates to the computer that this is a webpage,” he said.

For two hours they practiced with HTML coding, and made draft webpages. Many of the adults were interested in learning more, such as CSS design and other stylizations, but the time moved quickly as they crammed in all of the basics.

Mohammad Qureshi, an attendee, was impressed with the introductory course. “The class was really helpful, and I feel so much more knowledgeable on creating websites,” he said. He hopes that there will be more classes like this offered in the SCT community so that he can register.

Photos by Amanda Moses