Lights On Afterschool


The Spring Creek Afterschool Program took part on Thursday, October 26th in a national event
called Lights On Afterschool at the Abe Stark Primary School 346. This event highlights the benefits that After-school programs have in our communities. These programs are nationwide and host rallies, festivities and a wide range of events which brings attention to the Afterschool programs and focuses on how they are serviceable to the children.

There were 120 students along with approximately 30 parents who came to the Lights On Afterschool event which kicked off the Afterschool Program year. This allowed the families a chance to see what their child has done so far and gives them a glimpse of what amazing work is yet to come. Each year this annual event has a theme and this year is no different, this year’s theme was Animals. The students have been studying marine life; each activity was surrounded by an aquatic animal that the students have been learning about so far this year. Some of the topics involved; fish, sharks, frogs, and even the water.

Each year the Spring Creek Afterschool Program does something different to keep every-one
interested. This year there were three raffles that were free of charge. The raffles included; two betta fish, and a Shop Rite gift card along with some “Do It Yourself” marine life snacks that each student had the opportunity to make themselves.

Spring Creek Afterschool Program Director, Jeremy Williams said he is constantly seeking input on how the programs can better serve the families and will be conducting a parent survey to help enhance the programs moving forward.
“This was the first major event that the Afterschool Program has participated in this year, where the parents can meet with the staff and spend quality time with their child. This also allowed the parents to see what a fantastic job the programs are doing with the children in their absence. The students are always very happy to have their parents join them. Parental participation is key!” said Williams.
Photo Courtesy of: Spring Creek Towers’ Afterschool Program