Lions Club’s Community Walk Raises More Than $10,000 For Cancer Cure

STRIDESgroupshotThe Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club, Inc. happily announced that the community’s participation in the fifth annual Spring Creek Towers Community Breast Cancer Walk (October 25) was a success. And as a result, the local Lions Club was able to make a $10, 383.00 donation to the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” annual fundraising campaign on behalf of the community. The money will be used by ACS for research and development in search of a cure for the devastating disease. It also will be used to provide assistance and services to affected patients, survivors and their loved ones.

“This would not have happened without the help from our many friends. Whether our friends donated money, products, or their time it all helped to make this very important event a great success,” said Janice Lacroix, Lions Club member and event coordinator. The Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club, Inc. says, “Thank you to all our community neighbors and friends outside of this area.”

COMMUNITY SUPPORTERS: Spring Creek Towers Office of Public Affairs/Community Relations, Spring Creek Towers Department of Public Safety, Spring Creek Towers Department of Maintenance, Starrett City Tenants Association, JASA Starrett Senior Center, Spring Creek Senior Partners, Brooklyn Sports Club, Tiffany Cleaners, Armando’s Pizza of Starrett City, Brownsville Recreation Center, Pepsi Cola Co., UFT Elementary Charter School, Inc., Can Design Party Shop, Associates, I.S. 364, PTA 346, Frederick Douglass Academy VIII, Starrett City Girl Scouts, Lindenwood Diner, Arch Diner, Red Lobster and American Cancer Society Donated Food Products Photo: Winston Wharton