Local Schools Join District 19’s Taste of Home Event


All three local schools in the Spring Creek Towers’ community participated in New York City Public Schools’ District 19 Taste of Home event. On Tuesday, November 13th, some students and their families along with parent coordinators, and volunteers of Abe Primary School (PS) 346, Gateway Intermediate School (IS) 364, and Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) VIII gathered at PS 13 at 557 Pennsylvania Avenue for this annual event. Since there are numerous schools in this district, each school is only allowed a limited number of families to invite to this event.

When attendees arrived and signed in, each family was given a raffle ticket. All of the schools in the district prepared gift baskets to be raffled off to the families. They were then invited to join the buffet line, (where the parent coordinators and volunteers served the food) to choose what they wanted to have for dinner. There were many different choices of items like; salad, rice and peas, pasta dishes, chicken, turkey, pork, dessert items consisted of apple pies, pumpkin pies, muffins and there was also a sheet cake. This buffet had something for everyone. There were also juices, water, and soft drinks to have along with this delicious meal.
Dr. Thomas McBryde Jr., the Superintendent of District 19 spoke to the crowd of approximately 100 people and then he started to call out the raffle numbers. Both parents and children were excited for the raffles.

Photos Courtesy of Aimee Castro