Members of Sisters with Purpose Win A Trip to the Ellen Show

Sisters With Purpose (SWP) Marketing Director Tammi Rose Abrams (left), Human Interest Production Associate Jenny Knipe, and SWP President Susie Williams at the Ellen Show in Los Angeles.

Sisters With Purpose (SWP) Marketing Director Tammi Rose Abrams (left), Human Interest Production Associate Jenny Knipe, and SWP President Susie Williams at the Ellen Show in Los Angeles.


Heartfelt dedication and continuous work running a food pantry earned two members of Sisters With Purpose Inc. (SWP) a free trip to the Ellen Show in Los Angeles. SWP President, Susie Williams, and Marketing Director, Tammi Rose Abrams, were discussing work when a camera crew from the Ellen Show knocked on Williams’ apartment door with the surprising news.

They were selected be to a part of the Ellen Show’s “Get Away NY To LA.” The theme was offered to East Coast contestants who expressed why they love the show, a brief summary about themselves and why Ellen should fly them out to be a part of her audience. In addition to the two SWP’s members receiving a free trip to LA, they were also given a $10,000 check from event sponsor, Capital One.

SWP was given this prize and awarded the free trip because of the organization’s food pantry. It was created as a source for free and easily accessible groceries for people living on fixed incomes. They held their very first drive in April 2014 at the Boulevard Senior Center on Stanley Avenue, where they were able to provide food for several seniors and their families. Williams told the Spring Creek Sun three years ago that their first food pantry was planned to run for a few hours, but after an hour and a half their grocery stockpile had depleted. Over 50 people showed up, each one expressed their sheer gratitude and thanks to the volunteers. Since then, Williams has spearheaded food pantries almost every weekend in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club.

The Spring Creek Sun interviewed Williams and Abrams about their “Get Away NY to LA” experience.

Spring Creek Sun (SCS): Why do you enjoy the Ellen show, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Tammi Rose Abrams (TRA): I enjoy everything about the Ellen show! Watching her show helped lift my spirits while I went through PPD following the birth of my daughter. I can laugh, cry, and feel motivated all in one hour. But most of all I enjoy her constant examples of showing kindness and generosity to others; and her spotlight on everyday people doing great things. It inspires me to do more for my community, even if it’s in a small way.

Susie Williams (SW): I enjoy the Ellen Show because it is full of energy. You know once you turn it on and it’s all good news. Your spirits will be lifted. I enjoy the music and the dancing the most.

SCS: How did Ellen find out about SWP?

TRA: I wrote in to the Ellen show to tell her about Susie’s excellent leadership in SWP, and the next thing we knew they were knocking on the door! Thank you so much Ellen, we love you!

SCS: How did it feel finding out that you will be flying to LA? Have you and Tammi ever flown to LA before? What are you looking forward to doing while there (aside from seeing Ellen)?

TRA: It is safe to say that I was absolutely shocked, surprised and ecstatic to find out we would be going to LA! I have never been there before and can’t wait to visit. Aside from seeing Ellen, I am most looking forward to great weather and tourist attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I want to take pictures next to my favorite stars…including Ellen.

SW: It was a good feeling to find out I would be flying to LA. It felt good that Ellen recognized my work in the community and rewarded me for it. I have never flown to LA this will be my first time. I’m looking forward to the sights in LA and meeting new people.

SCS: Congrats on the check from Capital One! What do you guys plan on doing with the check?

SW: I plan on growing vegetables and herbs to give out at our Food Pantry. I’m also going to host a huge event for Thanksgiving and give out free meals to the community.

SCS: After the amazing exposure have you received any phone calls or positive feedback/help for your organization?

SW: Yes we’ve received tons of phone calls a lot of support as well on social media. We were recently interviewed by News12.

SCS: What’s next for Sisters with Purpose after the exposure and Capital One donation?

TRA: The sky is the limit, but no matter what, we still will continue servicing our community. We also aim to enroll as many students as possible in our youth mentor program. Williams and Abrams flew out to LA from April 25th to the 27th for a memorable experience on the Ellen Show.

Check out a clip from the Ellen Show’s March 16th episode featuring the surprise announcement of SWP being awarded the free trip and a $10,000 check from Capital One: /watch?v=bfUN7lXpDxc

Photo Courtsey of: Susie Williams