Message from Management

January 15, 2016

Dear Spring Creek Towers Residents:

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters, the “must have gift” of the past holiday season, represent potentially life-threatening fire and physical hazards to their users and to those in close proximity. Several models have spontaneously caught fire while charging or while being used. Concerns about the hoverboard’s lithium-ion batteries and their tendency to spontaneously burst into flames have spurred many universities to ban hoverboards from their residence halls. Numerous airlines have also issued hoverboard bans and will not allow them on flights. Just three weeks ago, a hoverboard burst into flames inside a family’s apartment in Crown Heights while it was charging.

Given the risks associated with hoverboards we urge you to refrain from using/charging hoverboards in your home and around the Spring Creek Towers community. You are putting your household’s well-being as well as the well-being of your neighbors at risk. Accidents involving users of hoverboards are also on the rise. Your physical health, whether as a rider or pedestrian, is also at risk.

As you know, Management encourages every resident to have a renter’s insurance policy for your apartment. Given the fire risks and road risks associated with hoverboards, if you or members of your household have hoverboards you should review your insurance policy immediately to verify whether losses arising out of use of a hoverboard are covered. You may be held personally responsible for any damages caused by the ownership or operation of a hoverboard.

Additionally, of particular significance to New York City residents, hoverboards are illegal in the Big Apple. Under New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 125, hoverboards meet the definition of a motor vehicle that cannot be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and therefore cannot be operated legally on any street within New York City. Similarly, New York City Traffic Regulation § 4-07(c)(1) prohibits the use of such vehicles on City sidewalks. Any person operating a hoverboard on a street or sidewalk in New York City could face a fine and/or summons.
Thank you for your cooperation,

SCT Management