New App Helps Students Prep for AP Tests

(NAPS) — There’s good news for students preparing for Advanced Placement (AP) exams. One of the most popular study systems now lets students create their own customized study plans — and get daily assignments delivered right to their mobile device.

The last decade has seen significant changes in the way high school students study and prepare for exams, particularly in the technology they use. Increasingly, tablets and other mobile digital devices are what students use to access information, so it makes sense that a study program designed to meet students’ needs would use the technology they prefer.

McGraw-Hill Education has introduced a new AP Planner app. This digital tool enables students to decide what study topics to focus on, and then create their own personal day-by-day study plan. The app helps students structure their study, organize their time (particularly important if they’re taking multiple AP tests) — and it delivers daily assignments on their mobile devices. This app is being introduced in the publisher’s signature AP study series: 5 Steps to a 5 on the Advanced Placement Examinations. It works on iPhone, iPad and Android™ devices.

Students studying for Advanced Placement tests can now create their own digital study plans — and get daily assignments delivered to their mobile device.

Each subject-specific course guide in the 5 Steps to a 5 series is structured around a five-step success plan that differentiates the system from other guides. In the first step, students are encouraged to develop a study plan, using either the AP Planner app or one of three ready-made plans designed for students with varying study styles. The second step is concerned with building knowledge, the third and fourth steps focus on honing test-taking skills and strategies, and the fifth step is designed to foster the confidence that students need to ace the tests.

To make sure the study system stays current when it comes to curriculum and test information, all guides in the series are updated yearly. The latest versions with the AP Planner app are available for AP courses starting in fall 2014.

To access the app, search for McGraw-Hill Education AP Planner App in the iTunes App Store or Google Play for Android™.