New Recertification Scheduling System

By: Pamela Stern

Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) residents have two news ways to schedule their appointment for recertification:

                                                 To Schedule Online:

  • Go to
  • Click on the link that states “Click Here to Schedule Your Recertification” (located under the picture)
  • On the drop down menu “Appointment Locator” click the link to
  • select an appointment type.
  • Since this is the first time this system is being used, please select  “Initial” appointment.
  • After you select “Initial” you may choose a date from the digital calendar (dates that are greyed out are not available).
  • After selecting the date you may select your preferred time for the appointment.
  • After selecting an appointment time, you will be asked if you are a new or returning user. Please select “New User” and you will be prompted to fill in your name, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • After completing this form click on “Finalize Appointment.”

“Using the internet to make my appointment to recertify was very quick and efficient too. It was better than going there and standing on a long line.  It was very easy too. After, I scheduled my appointment the day before my appointment; I received an email confirming it. I am glad that I scheduled my appointment this way. ” said SCT resident Alexandra Mota.

SCT resident, Nelida Guance was very happy to be able to schedule her recertification session over the phone. “This was great! There are a lot of residents, like myself who can’t sit or stand for very long and this was helpful to us. Prior to my appointment, I received a confirmation call. Everyone was very nice, and having a set time really helped make the process very orderly. This was wonderful and I plan to recertify the same way next year,” said Guance.

Felicia Osbourne who has been living in SCT for 40 years was very pleased with making her recertification appointment on the internet. “This was very easy! Much better than standing on a very long line. I liked that I received a confirmation email as a reminder too. This makes the process systematic,” said Osbourne.

To Schedule By Phone:

  • Please call 718-240-4682 between 9 am and 5 pm.

Please remember to bring all of the required documentation that is needed for recertification. All residents over the age of 18 must attend the appointment.