New York Fashion Week: The Best Shows


Earlier this month, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) took the world by storm for its fall/winter runway shows. These series of collections were an amalgamation of elegance, art pop, and cultural diversity. From February 6th to February 13th, over 70 designers held theatrical runway shows, booming with music, smoke machines and killer styles for men and women of all ages.

The hub of this entire experience was at Spring Studios, while the other venue locations were scattered across Manhattan. The motto for this year’s NYFW was, “We Believe the Future is Ours.” This empowering statement went in line with the diverse showcases, featuring global powerhouses whose prolific styles made attendees of all backgrounds feel welcomed.

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe
Fall/Winter 2019-20

The Spring Creek Sun was on the scene to behold NYFW in all of its grandeur. We were able to get a first look at the upcoming fashion trends both on and off the runway. Here are a few of my favorite looks from each of the shows I attended:

Greta Constantine kicked off NYFW with a SoHo storefront presentation with glamorous gowns designed by Canadian artists Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong. This presentation was the perfect informal introduction to Fashion Week. The dim ambiance felt like I was window shopping with live models in a contemporary artist’s studio, especially since it took place in one of the most popular shopping grounds in Manhattan (107 Grand Street). Rather than craning our necks to peer over the influential, front row audience members like in typical runway performances, attendees were given an up close and personal look at the designs. The Greta Constantine Presentation exhibited rose-pink gowns and pants suits that perfectly draped over the model’s bodies, almost like a silky waterfall of color and sequence. The experimentation of mixed fabrics, tulle, and iridescent color schemes illustrated graceful beauty.

The following runway shows took place at Industria, a venue for NYFW in the Meat Packing District:

Indonesian Diversity was a cooperative runway show with designs from 2Madison Avenue, Alleira Batik, Dian Pelangi, and Itang Yunasz, which took place at the Industria venue.

Diming the lights to a light purple hue, the first designer presented was creative director Dian Pelangi. Continuing the family line of modest fashion and elegant couture products, Pelgani introduced outfits that intertwine the comfort of street style with traditional Indonesian woven fabrics (which is 100% locally made). What impressed me most about this particular design is its use of mixed fabrics, silken hijabs and cat-eye sunglasses. Sometimes at fashion shows we often expect designs that are not really meant for everyday wear, but Pelgani’s line was the personification of modest chic.

For the second designer, Itang Yunasz, an ethereal tune began to play as the models sashayed across the runway in flowing opalescent chiffon dresses, each with intricate patterns and copper-tone headscarves. I almost got a 1970s bohemian impression when looking at the fluidity of these dresses.

The exquisite pop art designs of 2Madison Avenue had many attendees in awe. The embroidery, color patterns, and sensuality of these designs exemplified a confident attitude. It was a seamless blend of multiple cultures ranging from New York hip hop styles to luxurious Spaniard ruffled coats.

The final collection to be displayed was Alleria Batick, which transcended the traditional Indonesian batik fabric into pants suits and bohemian dresses. The combination of tie-dye and songket created a refreshing yet quaint appeal, leaving attendees inspired by the almost dream-like atmosphere.

The Fashion Hong Kong Runway show was a series organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, presenting designer labels 112 mountainyam, ANVEGLOSA, and HEAVEN PLEASE+.

112 mountainyam’s resurfaced 1980s nostalgia with its grunge layered styles and boxy business attire. Each outfit contained a mixture of dark colors with splashes of vibrant hues, enhancing the entire look.

Anveglosa’s designs consisted of stunning leather layered with tulle and topped with military caps. The models adorn solid colored fabrics, transcending their clothing into a whole new spectrum of style. There was an air of noir and elegance to each leather and silk look. The entire appearance had a dominant, unwavering appeal. There are three words that come to mind when describing Anveglosa’s designs strong, chic, and beautiful.

HEAVEN PLEASE+’s long overcoats with chains, ruffles, and even plaid patterns contrasted the designs of the afternoon. The model’s sleek hairstyles emphasized the layered complexity of each outfit. These designs were flamboyant in the perfect elegant sense that you want to be noticed. Bold is the main descriptor of this designer. If you want to walk into a room, and stun everyone then HEAVENPLEASE+’s use of contrasting colors and patterns is the perfect match for you.

At the NYFW hub in Spring Studios, I attended the Nonie runway show, which was founded and designed by Nina Kharey, a Canadian artist. While some designers shock and awe with their use of conflicting fabrics and colors, Nonie takes a refined effortless approach. Nonie’s winter/fall line appeared to be a mixture of minimalism and Oxford business-like style with its loose fitting fabrics, and earthy tones.

My absolute favorite show at NYFW was Chiara Boni, which was also held at Spring Studios: Italian designer, Chiara Boni’s runway show was the perfect blend of Italian Baroque fashion, Parisian couture, and an overall theatrical appeal. Boni’s designs enhanced the natural beauty of the
models, and she shed a whole new light on what the perfect hat accessory could really do to an outfit. Every outfit had flairs of elegance and refinement paying homage to the true beauty of a woman.

The last event I attended was Seven Crash at the Industria venue. This international street-wear brand made its NYFW debut with a futuristic blend of urban style and contemporary designs. The event kicked off the night with a pitch black room and glow-in-the dark clothing. Almost like being in the film Tron, these designs were akin to street styles straight out of a science fiction fantasy. Star Trek-esque glasses, plastic tops and metallic pants were just a few of the inter-dimensional designs from Seven Crash.

Sadly, just one week after NYFW ended, Karl Lagerfeld who was known as one of most iconic figures in the industry, passed away in Paris. He was the creative director of Chanel and spent 36 years redefining the world of fashion.

Photos by Amanda Moses (Photo from Seven Crash by Dean Moses)