New York Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter Runway Shows


Every six months, fashionistas rejoice as they clamor to attend New York Fashion Week’s (NWFW) latest shows. Spilt into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter sessions, designers set the tone as to what is fashionable. Bloggers, journalists, photographers, stylists, and everyone in between use their expertise to discern what outfits readers should aspire to wear and how to avoid an unfortunate fashion faux pas.

The Spring Creek Sun attended several runway shows, and we’ve got the scoop as to what is trending now. The first collection we are going to examine is the Global Fashion Collective, which combined the work of three clothing brands from around the world: WooLeeX, LAVEC, and WMTM.

WooLeeX is a Taiwanese design team whose style integrates Asian traditional art with contemporary clothing, showcasing embroidered dragon and lion dances with stark colors. There were shimmering white/silver vests, blazers, and suits adorned with intricate hand-painted black sketches. Each of these looks were very clean cut and emanated a classic sophisticated style (Imagine a dark chalk board with white veins reaching across the body forming elaborate shapes). They also had a few pieces that displayed a pop of color with designs inspired by the Butchard Gardens in Victoria, British Colombia.

LAVEC’s runway show was a pure poetic love letter. This Japanese brand combined spoken word with a demonstration of sustainability, the design team showcased in real-time the repurpose and reusability of their clothing by using 100% organic cotton and reduced material, and combing pieces for the audiences to watch. Beige blazer suits were unzipped in half on one model and then added to another model’s black outfit. LAVEC entranced attendees with its take on love, loving one self, family, and the world we live in.

WMTM by NiuNiu Chou culminated the Global Fashion Collective show with bright-eyed children wearing traditional Chinese pieces. Each little girl strutted across the runway with plaid vintage dresses, some with embroidery and others with intricate Chinese symbols.

Tia Adeola’s runway show was unlike any of the designs we’ve seen. It embraced the sheer power of women by highlighting their individuality, strength, and femininity. Some models were given braided hair extensions, which they bared like whips (almost like a testament of a woman’s dedication to protect her family), while others wore embroidered veils and sheer clothing (making their strength and beauty transparent for all to see).

OqLiq is a Taiwanese menswear brand whose streetwear and technical designs combined new-tech materials that focused on outdoor outfits. Every piece was tailored with sleek simplistic styles that were perfect for a stroll on a rainy day or a brisk commute to work on a cold morning. The trench coats, waterproof vests and jackets, and woolen blazers emanated warmth and sporty bravura.

JustinXX, created by Justin Yu-Ying Chou, incorporated Oriental elements with Western staples to develop contemporary menswear and womenswear. With a bold color pallet, Chou’s runway show showcased thick woolen hats, chunky blazers, silken turtlenecks, and braided chain necklaces, presenting an avant-garde take on outerwear.

Chiara Boni once again provided a fabulous set of designs, but this year’s pieces contained fiery flamenco flair. The models sashayed across the runway in pinstripe suits and dresses (complemented with rhinestone encrusted belt buckles) with touches of Spaniard culture (including the infamous matador hats and curled mustaches as accessories). Other designs showcased traditional form fitting flamenco dresses with elegant ruffles and fierce fringes.

Namilia’s collection featured a dominatrix, raunchy style combined with Chinese traditional dresses. From bright and colorful skirts to revealing leather garments, Namilia’s designs both shocked and entranced guests.