Big Gaff @ The Movies: “No Good Deed” Defies Critics

No Good Deed

I have mentioned that I am the prejudice movie reviewer. I will head for a theater with a
notion of the worth of  the film I will see.  I might base my thoughts on the stars, the
director, the writer or the plot; with ” No Good Deed”, it  was the landslide disapproval of
my fellow critics.

This film was only praised by ten percent of my colleagues across the nation.  I spoke to
several friends and told them it is difficult to make a film that only one out of every ten
critics find worthy of viewing.  After seeing “No Good Deed” for myself, I am in the small
group that found it “okay”.

Taraji P, Henson and Idris Elba carry this film on their backs and make it work. It is not a great
film, but it is not one that makes you feel cheated.   The power of the early scenes, where
you get your first view of Idris Elba’s criminal character is scary – he is just a flat out
she can stay alive long  enough.

The writer throws in a plot twist that many critics found insulting to the viewers
Intelligence, but I thought it was merely a distraction, not a fatal flaw.
You can see this film and not feel a need to ask for your money back — that is
HIGH praise when you reflect on the many bad movies we were offered this summer.

Allow me one more comment, the best single scene I have experienced this year is that of the
parole board member who speaks against the release of the maniac, which is played so well by
Mr. Elba. That scene is worth the price of admission.

By George Gaffney