NYCC Premieres Warner Bros Newest Series: Supergirl


By Amanda Aponte-Moses

New York Comic Con (NYCC) was the place to be earlier this month, especially on Sunday, October 11th when fans were able to have an exclusive view of Warner Bros. newest series—Supergirl.

The narrative of this series follows little Kara Zor-El as she is placed with the mission to watch over her infant cousin Kal-El (later to become the infamous Superman) as they flee the planet Krypton’s immanent destruction, however her spaceship is knocked off course and into what is known as the Phantom Zone, leaving her frozen as a child for several years. When she does land on earth, Kal-El (now with the earthling name Clark Kent) is an adult and has used his powers to become the hero—Superman. Offering her a family upbringing like he experienced, Kal-El leaves Kara in the care of a loving foster family with their daughter, Alex. The series follows Kara at the age of 24, trying to lead a normal life with alien superpowers as an assistant for a media mogul, but certain events cause her to embrace her powers and become the hero she was always meant to be—Supergirl.

supergirl02After viewing the action-packed screening, fans were able to have a Q&A session with the stars: Mehcad Brooks (former Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen), Peter Facinelli (the villainous Maxwell Lord) and the show’s executive producer Ali Adler.

During the panel, Adler discussed the rationale for not explicitly referring to Superman by name, “We all live in someone’s shadow in our lives, and we’re all second best to someone in our lives. What’s amazing on this show is she gets to be at the forefront, so we’re going to address where he is very quickly in the series. But it’s her show.”

Adler went on to add that 50 percent of the writers for the show are women, and by having this equal opportunity “it brings balance and truth. This show is not just for females. There’s action, adventure, and visual stunts… We are really trying to bring the audience a feature film every week,” she said. “Every episode will bring an immediate nemesis,” Adler said. She also announced that villains such as Livewire, Reactron, Toyman and Red Tornado will be making appearances on Supergirl.

supergirlposterSupergirl will premiere on CBS Monday, October 26th at 8:30pm.

Photos by Dean Moses and courtesy of CBS.