Open House at the Brooklyn Sports Club


The Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) held an Open House on Monday, February 17th from 6am to 10pm. This was an opportunity for people who are considering joining to try the BSC out. Guests over the age of 18 were given complimentary access to the club and all of the facets of the club.

There were many different classes and training types extended for interested parties to learn more about. Participants were able to register with the front desk for the Small Group Training. There was a maximum of ten people in each of the Small Group Training sessions. Some of the classes offered included; Aqua Boot Camp, and HyperVolt percussive therapy sessions. Additionally, there were small group training demos and fitness training presentations of the cardio equipment, band training, sand bags, log training, medicine ball, BOSU, kettlebells, TRX, HitMill, Tire Flips and sand bags. These Small Group Training demos were a great forum for interested people to learn a little about what each class is and then they could decide for themselves if they would like to partake in that activity in the gym.

There were approximately 100 guests in attendance and the fitness floor was filled throughout the day. In the evening, there was an Aqua Boot Camp, which many people enjoyed. The Aqua Boot Camp was a hit with about 30 participants in attendance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Brooklyn Sports Club feel free to stop by the front desk or call 718-642-2720.

Photos courtesy of: Brooklyn Sports Club