Open Letter to Parents of Children Born in 2009

The Kindergarten Experience at the Starrett Early Learning Center

Kindergarten is the time when your child will learn and develop new skills that will be the building blocks for years to come. Children will play in a safe and caring environment engaging in social interactions; make new friends, while learning fundamental life skills.

The Starrett Early Learning Center’s small setting allows your child to get the individualized professional attention needed to achieve future successes. Staff will focus on improving your child’s social and emotional development.

Socialization is critical, so we encourage our children to engage calmly and in a sharing environment. Emotionally, we work on understanding your child’s feelings and teach them how to express their wants and needs.

Our program both challenges and engages students, so they can reach their highest potential in language, literacy, and numeracy. Your children will be exposed to new ideas and concepts.

We look for the joy of learning, through individual and group activities and want your children to feel comfortable in school and trust that our partnership will allow for your child to have a great early learning experience.

For more information about enrolling your child in the Starrett Early Learning Center’s extended-day Kindergarten program, call 718/642.8724. ELC is located at 125 Schroeders Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11239

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