PS 346 Hosts A Schoolwide Black History Performance

By Amanda Moses

Abe Stark Primary School (PS) 346 ended last month with a school-wide Black History Month Performance in their auditorium on February 28th. Each grade in the elementary school was given the opportunity to artistically express the significance of Black History Month and the trailblazers who made history with their activism, ingenious ideas, and other talents.

Parents arrived to PS 346 before the school bell rang in anticipation of the festivities, which consisted of singing, dancing, and poems. Songs such as, Lift Every Voice and Sing, You Gotta Be, Do you know the Peanut Man, and protest songs were performed with such vigor that attendees began to cheer and applaud during each rendition. The stellar event paid homage to Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, George Washington Carver, and other infamous individuals that helped change the course of history.

The commemorative ceremony concluded with Principal Kevin Caifa awarding three students with prizes. For Black History Month, the teachers provided the students with a handful of Langston Hughes poems and requested that they create an art piece on how that poem made them feel. “We received over 50 entries and they were all fantastic. All of our children will be receiving certificates of participation,” he told the audience of students and parents. There were several honorable mentions and three students whose artwork distinguished themselves amongst the contestants. These three individuals were awarded with bicycles and helmets.

Photos by Amanda Moses