PS 346 Hosts Fall Harvest Event


Autumn is now in full bloom. Orange, red and yellow leaves fill the Spring Creek Towers’ community with colorful foliage, ushering in tidings of the holidays to come. PS 346 kicked off the fall season with a grand Harvest Festival, which allowed the children to read spooky stories, dress as farmers and pick pumpkins!

Throughout Friday, October 28th, the entire student body took turns celebrating the fall season. Students dressed in jeans and plaid shirts, like proper farmers, for their fall harvest event. The festivites began in the school’s lobby, where they sat on the floor in anticipation of the day’s events. For their participation, the children received Halloween stickers, and then their teachers read various stories to them, such as: Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic, How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow, The Runaway Bunny, and Creepy Carrots. Each story captured the children’s imaginations and focus-ed on building their vocabulary as well as their critical and analytical skills.

Once reading time had finished the real fun begun — pumpkin picking! Group by group the students gathered in their school’s playground, which was decorated with fall leaves, hay stacks, scarecrows and all matter of autumn adornments. The best part was the hundreds of pumpkins that were scattered across the playground, ready to be picked. The children searched through the pumpkin patches for only the very best to bring home, and when they were done they posed for a picture with their teachers atop haystacks.

The joyous Harvest Festival ended with the chicken dance, which had the students flapping their arms, wiggling their hips and clapping their hands.

Photos by Amanda Moses